Popular design news of the week: April 4, 2016 – April 10, 2016

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Hugo, a Fast and Modern Static Website Engine

Why Gray Text Should Never Exceed 46% Brightness

7 Signs your Design Style is Out of Date

Why I Don’t Use CSS Preprocessors

The Future of CSS

Rebranding in 5 Days

The Best Tools for Startups, Designers, Freelancers and More

I Love Ugly, Messy Interfaces, so do You

How to Create a Great Design Portfolio

“Next Generation” Apple Store Features a 37-foot Display

Creative Brains Need Time Off

5 UX Plays to Start your Design on Good Tracks

Everything You Need to Know About HD Design

Our Atomic Design Workflow

Cheap Vs Lean: The UX Culture Debate

Does your Site Pass the Honeycomb Test?

The Surprising Meaning Behind the Most Popular Flag Colors

DevOps is Dead. Long Live DevOps

The Next Hot Job in Silicon Valley is for Poets

What Every Browser Knows About You

Being Tired Isn’t a Badge of Honor

Learning from Tay’s Introduction

This New Moleskine Notebook Backs up to your iPad Instantly

Japan to Begin Testing Fingerprints as Currency

Eerie Illustrations of an Apocalyptical World

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