Popular design news of the week: December 7, 2015 – December 13, 2015

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12 Good, Bad, and Ugly Web Design Trends for 2016

Why You Shouldn’t Design your own Website (unless You’re a Designer)

9 Differences Between Men and Women Learning to Code

Design Better Landing Pages

The Future of the CMS

Teens Can’t Tell the Difference Between Google Ads and Search Results

How to Save Time and Money with Modular Design

Traditional Homepages are Obsolete, Says Quartz. Here’s What They Built Instead.


Should Designers Code? – The Final Word!

How a Logo’s Color Shapes Consumers’ Opinion of a Brand

Don’t Bother Creating a Mobile App

Hillary Logo Fail


Stop Building Features, Start Building Brands

If Brands were Bottles of Wine

How to Create an Authentic Brand Story

Indian Government Caught with a Photoshop Fail

Website Design: Spotify Year in Music 2015

The Right Way to End an Email to a Client

The United States Postal Service will Now Email You your Mail

What Killed the Infographic?

Lightroom Mobile for Android is Now 100% Free

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Countdown Timer

Museum of Feelings – Take a Selfie that Changes with your Feelings

24 Ways (2015) — an Advent Calendar for Web Folks

Yahoo to Spin Off its Core Businesses

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